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About Us

5 ML – Powered by HPlus brings you the most convenient online Pharmacy, Health, Skin and Beauty store for all your essentials. 

HPlus is one of the renowned Super Multispeciality Clinics with over 12 years of experience in delivering quality treatments, medicines, and healthcare essentials. As a multispeciality clinic, we are trying to make a smooth experience for all your health & skin essentials. Get authentic health supplements, medicines, skincare and beauty essentials delivered at your doorstep. Need medication advice? We got you free consultation from our top doctors, that too at the comfort of your home. 

With over 1000+ products and over 100 brands, we ensure that you get every product effortlessly. Our Team of researchers make sure that the products are 100% quality-driven, with lab testing done at every level.

  • Authenticity

With 5ML, you can look after your health, fitness and beauty without compromising the quality and pricing. From the broad selection of genuine products from around the globe and providing doctors consultation, 5ML is truly passionate about catering to your every need. 

  • One Day Delivery Guaranteed

Who wants a delay on their ordered product? No one, right? And here we are with a 100% one-day delivery guarantee for the people residing in Delhi NCR. Because we completely understand how important that product is for you.

  • One-Stop-Shop

At 5 ML, we not only provide you with a wide range of medicines, medical devices, but we also offer a great range of ayurvedic, herbs, health & wellness supplements from all the renowned brands, and kids toys, gifts, skincare, beauty care essentials too.

  • Privacy

At 5 ML, we understand your privacy, and therefore we ensure that your details remain intact with our software protectors and strict company policy.

  • Robust & User-Friendly Shopping

The website is super easy to use for new-comers, to ensure their time is not hampered, and they can easily search the required items to fulfil their needs. You can shop your products in a fraction of seconds without worrying about the website crash due to its robustness, especially during the discounted days.

  • Big Discounts on Premium Products

Get great discounts on your favorite products and shop unlimited without paying hefty money for the premium products. 

  • 24*7 Support

Waiting and not getting full support is something; which we don’t want for our customers, and therefore, we oath to give 24*7 support for your satisfaction and hassle-free shopping.

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