Skin care essentials for sensitive skin

For people with sensitive skin, choosing a suitable face wash or lotion can be a hectic task. When your skin reacts to every little formulation, it’s terrifying to try on any new skin care product. From unwanted acne to itchy allergies, sensitive skin offends every cosmetic in a hazardous way. 

Basically, sensitive and acne-prone skin reacts to weather conditions or certain chemical-laden products and thereby leads to skin rashes and cystic acne. In case of critical skin allergies, you must rely on dermatologist-recommended skincare essentials. 

■ Dos & Don’ts :

● Do- 

(a) Rely on vegan skincare essentials that are gentle on your skin and chemical-free.

(b) Water tends to make your skin more dry and itchy. Shift your long cool showers to short warm ones.

(c) Stick to cotton clothes that are gentle and soft on your sensitive skin. 

(d) Never forget to moisturize your skin as hydrated skin is less prone to allergic reactions. 

● Don’t-

(a) Avoid smoking.

(b) Live stress-free life for stress-free skin.

(c) Avoid fragrance-based skincare essentials to prevent any rashes or itchy allergies. 

■ Recommended Products: 


Specially designed for sensitive skin, this Sebamed Fresh Shower hydrates and cleanses skin impurities gently keeping your skin fresh and healthy all day long. Its paraben-free unique gel formulation deeply cleanses pores and nourishes your skin. This product is gentle on sensitive skin and its hydrolipid formulation naturally nourishes dull skin making it softer and glowing. 


This skincare essential gently defends pimple-causing harmful bacteria. It deeply cleanses your skin balancing the skin’s pH range. Sebamed Cleansing foam brightens the complexion and avoids any regeneration of unwanted acne. Enriches with anti-bacterial Montaline C40 and nourishing Vitamin B5,  the ingredients fight bacteria and hydrate your skin. Give your sensitive skin some gentle love with Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam.

At, We are selling a wide range of Sebamed Products and different brands of Skin care products.

Dealing with sensitivity is hectic enough! So you must follow the recommended tips and try the Sebamed skincare essentials for smoother and healthier skin.

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